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Counselling and Wellness


Holly McDonald, M Ed., MSW, RSW, is an Individual and Family Therapist.  She has a Masters degree in Counselling Psychology and a Master of Social Work, Registered with the School of Social Work.


Holly combines Positive Psychology and Mindfulness practices in her work with clients. Being mindful of one's thoughts/feelings and behaviour is important for health and wellness. She is also trauma informed and can work with those experiencing Post Traumatic Stress Injury. Telephone counselling is available.

Holly is also a Certified , Kripalu, Yoga Instructor.


You will enjoy her peaceful office in Port Stanley and   St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada.




Many people find that past and present messages and programming are still playing out today, making it difficult to go forward in life the way you want.


I believe every person’s birthright is to be happy, joyous and free.  Uncovering limiting beliefs is the first step.  The stories we tell ourselves every minute of the day can hold us back and keep us stuck and repeating the same behaviour and reacting in the same way.  Or, our self-talk can help us move forward and make changes.  As the 12 step saying goes, “nothing changes if nothing changes.”  And, as Cognitive Behavioural Therapists put forth, our thoughts create our reality. 

You are the guru and expert on your life and have the internal know- how to get past the obstacles that are in the way.  My role is to provide space so you can witness limiting beliefs and thoughts and suggest some ways to catch yourself when thinking or acting in unproductive ways.  

Confidentiality is a corner stone of therapy. 

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What Client's Say

I have been working with Holly on and off since 2008.   She was there for me through many difficult moments in my life and her support has been invaluable.  


Holly has also helped me develop the tools to work through challenges, focus on what's most important in life and come out a much stronger person than I was in the past.  

Thank you Holly for your continued support! 


I have been going to see Holly for almost 2 years and she has helped me a great deal.  I was in a very serious car accident and suffer from post concussion syndrome and depression.


Holly has been a big help throughout the past  years, providing me with different coping strategies. 


She listens without judgement to what I have to say, and I really feel understood. Holly has been and continues to be a big part of my journey towards improving my mental health. 



I am a First Responder and have been a client of Holly McDonald since May of 2018.  I came to her specifically to deal with work related issues that became too much for me to process and handle on my own.  


I felt comfortable working with Holly because she is very personable, likeable, empathetic, ethical, non-judgemental.  Her interpersonal warmth, outstanding communication skills, appropriate clinical boundaries and confidentiality allowed me to trust her with my situation.


I recommend Holly to future clients as she has the genuine desire to help others and she has given me tools to apply to my life moving forward.



In life we are faced with challenges and decisions.  One of my best decisions was to seek out help and be open to honest discussions about my struggles, hurts and fears.  Luckily, as fate would have it, but I prefer divine intervention; I found Holly's website and booked one session that has lead to a year long friendship. 


The past year has been a journey of self-love, exploration and healing for me.  No mater how much I try to deflect from my feelings; Holly always has a way to decipher through what I am sharing and focus me on my need to have real connections with the people in my life.  


She genuinely cares about me and my success. Her kinds words of support resonate with me always.   I look forward to many more discussions. tears, laughter and healing.   It is easy to open up and feel completely comfortable sharing some of my most private failures, beliefs and successes. 


My life is richer for knowing her.




Our Address

Port Stanley and  St. Thomas Ontario

N5L 1J2


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