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Many people find that childhood messages and programming are still playing out today, making it difficult to go forward in life the way you want.


I believe every person’s birthright is to be happy, joyous and free.  Uncovering limiting beliefs is the first step.  The stories we tell ourselves every minute of the day can hold us back and keep us stuck and repeating the same behaviour and reacting in the same way.  Or, our self-talk can help us move forward and make changes.  As the 12 step saying goes, “nothing changes if nothing changes.”  And, as Cognitive Behavioural Therapists put forth, “our thoughts create our reality. “


You are the guru and expert on your life and have the internal know- how to get past the obstacles that are in the way.  My role is to provide space so you can witness limiting beliefs and thoughts and suggest some ways to catch yourself when thinking or acting in unproductive ways.  


Confidentiality is a corner stone of therapy.  

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